Why I’m here.


So i thought i’d start by telling you guys why i made this blog. I have had many silly little ones over the years, for personal writing and stories that i had to post somewhere even if nobody ever read them. I honestly don’t care if anybody reads anything i write, and i know i’m no professional writer, nor am i very good at english (lets blame my Dyslexia) but i love having somewhere i can just write what i’m feeling, and share thoughts, so here i am.

I hope this blog will turn out a lot better than my others, i would completely forget about them for months on end, barely ever read through any comments or messages i got, and to be honest, i got a few. But i’m hoping since i paid £36 for this one, ill stay on top of it a little better, especially because i miss writing so much.

Anyway, you may want to know a little bit about me personally, but i will never share anything about who i really am, all you need to know is that my name is Georgia, and i live in the United Kingdom. I’ll always share personal stories and my own thoughts but i’d like to keep myself with some mystery, so i don’t get creeps messaging me like i have on previous sites.

Back to getting to know me, i’ll tell you some of my hobbies if you like. I have a huge interest in reading and writing, i think i always have. Others include very little sports (usually watching or sports that don’t requite too much effort). I love photography, although again i wouldn’t say i’m extremely talented.I’ll probably post photos every so often, and most of them i would have taken myself, so check it out.

I have a habit of always listening to music whilst i write, so i will probably let you guys know what music i’m currently listening to as well, not that you would probably care, but i like to share things like this, maybe we could even swap music favourites someday?

Anyway, now that i’ve done this slightly boring introduction, hopefully you guys get a good idea of what i’m about. I’ll always write something different. The subjects i write about could change dramatically as a lot of things interest me, but keep coming back and maybe you’ll learn some stuff.

Music – 1975, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it album.




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